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Cell Phone as Remote Control

As part of its series of research focused on Value-added Service (VAS) applications, PSD Global is pleased to offer Cell Phone as Remote Control. Cells phones are not only becoming “smarter” – they are increasingly being used for more than just traditional communications. Learn how cell phones will be used to control everything from home security and entertainment to industrial applications.
1. Introduction

1.1. Overview of Remote Control
1.2. History of Remote Control
1.3. Benefits of Remote Control

2. Technical Information

2.1. Introducing Remote Control
2.2. Standards
2.3. Technologies
2.4. Schemes
2.5. Considerations
2.6. Challenges

3. Mobile Phone

3.1. Evolution of Mobile Phones
3.2. Mobile Phone as Remote Control

4. Business

4.1. Competitors
4.2. Market
4.3. Usage
4.4. Applications

5. Forecasting the Future

5.1. Overview
5.2. Future Trends

Price: $2,500.00

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