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About PSD

Founded in 1999, PSD Global is an international consulting firm, focused on helping growing firms accelerate their international sales and business development objectives. We also assist Trade/Investment Promotion agencies broaden their trade development and investment attraction footprint by providing business matchmaking, trade promotion and lead generation services.  Our business has expanded to other segments as well, such as global development for multilateral agencies and wireless training.

Our strategic vision, industry network and market-entry process helps firms mitigate the uncertainties and identify the opportunities in the turbulent global market. Our team of seasoned consultants is complemented by a network of international partners that provide valuable in-market expertise. We serve clients around the world in a wide array of  industries including, ICT (including BPO), clean energy, lifesciences/biotech and aerospace, as well as advanced manufacturing and food processing.

Our trade/investment attraction practice leverages our proprietary lead generation methodology and has consistently delivered measurable FDI results to cities, states/provinces & national trade/investment agencies across the world.

The result? Our work is innovative, well thought-through, and always focused on creating sustainable revenue-generating opportunities. The breadth and depth of our network means we can offer customized solutions that are focused, precise, and actionable-and often mean the difference between a fingers-crossed decision and a thoroughly informed one.

We couple your objectives with our global experience, taking your business objectives to the next level – The global level.

Let’s talk about what you are trying to accomplish and how we can help.

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