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Corporate Training – Cross Cultural & Management Training

Products alone, no matter how attractive, and technology on its own, no matter how innovative, do not guarantee a company’s success – as we have all so often witnessed over the years. Why is this? Because, in the final analysis, business is about people, about people working with other people. The more effectively they work together, the more exceptional is the team they build. And it is the exceptional team that produces outstanding business results over the long haul.

Cross-border business is about people from different cultural backgrounds working together. They become a globally effective team when they do not just work together but embrace their diversity as a competitive strength. They build on that diversity and approach their work from the various cultural viewpoints it brings. They welcome the multicultural insights at their immediate disposal and integrate them into a targeted cultural whole. It is such fully integrated transcultural teams that can alone provide the secure basis for lasting success in global business.

PSD Global’s own culturally diverse team will help you turn the challenge of cultural diversity into effective global business for the long term by showing you:

  • how to best manage the intercultural diversity present in your own company – a skill which is just as crucial to a company’s long-term business success and a prerequisite to entering the global marketplace.
  • how to best manage across borders – We won’t just give you a list of “do’s and don’ts”; you will be trained in the subtle cultural sensitivities that preempt crosstalk, misunderstandings and, worse still, actual conflict situations.
  • how to best use English as the language of cross-border business – we will train you to be aware of and then avoid the surprising pitfalls for the unprepared in using English as the language of global business; this is a skill that not just non-native but mother-tongue speakers, too, must acquire and then continually practice.
  • how to best lay the foundation for long-term success – Intercultural and cross-border business is challengingly dynamic – as such, it requires a constant effort to refine both the tools and the attitudes for success. No matter what your culture, you’ll learn how to base building your long-term relationships on ready cooperation, genuine cultural sensitivity and constant awareness of the rich dimensions that cultural diversity adds to your business.

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PSD Global will do that not by offering you a middle-of-the-road, one-size-fits-all training template, but by designing a one-of-a-kind specially tailored training format that caters to your specific needs and actively involves your management in ensuring that the training objectives are met. Since the needs vary, we offer a variety of training formats:

  • Keynote Seminar: a half-day thought-provoking session to sensitize staff to the challenges of the international workplace.
  • Presence Seminar: face-to-face seminar at an off-site location over several days.
  • Phased Distance Seminar: supervised and individually tailored digitalized seminar a format combining both face-to-face and distance learning.
  • Blended Seminar: a combined Presence and Distance Seminar which incorporates to the full the undoubted benefits of both face-to-face and e-learning formats while positively mitigating their often overlooked downsides.
  • Study Tours: a “travel seminar” providing an intensive “real life” introduction and “insider’s view” of the business approaches and culture of countries and regions of special interest to your company.

To learn more in detail about these and our other training options, may we suggest you download the PSD Global training brochure.

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