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Government Contract Consulting


Governments locally, at the state level or federally in the USA and abroad annually spend hundreds of billions of dollars on procurement. The US government for example is one of the largest buyers of technology in the world. Contracting with the government can introduce special problems that require proven expertise. Given the nearly unlimited nature of these contracting opportunities, almost any company can obtain government contracts business. The opportunities are not limited to major corporations, nor only local firms. Many international, small and midsize companies also regularly contract with governmental agencies. To successfully market to government agencies especially in multiple countries, you need a strong partner. PSD Global can help your company market to the US Government, the European Union and select international governments such as Canada and Brazil.

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For the US Government PSD Global advises clients concerning the full range of transactions that the US Government uses to obtain goods or services, across the ICT, Clean/Energy Tech, and Aerospace sectors. The firm places a strong emphasis on early attention to the more troublesome areas of government business transactions that non-US firms are faced with, including the unique requirements relating to foreign military sales, offset agreements, export controls, the Buy American Act, international anticorruption laws, and U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance


PSD Global can help you:

  • Identify specific contract opportunities for your product/service within the US procurement landscape – at both federal and state/local level
  • Understand the various regulations and methods that impact the US government sales process, i.e. GSA schedule, sole source, IDIQ, sub-contracting
  • Meet with key decision makers, procurement officials and systems integrators to accelerate your path to market
  • Understand the ‘Buy America’ provisions and their implications for non-US companies
  • Build a local, post-sales support presence to manage your government client relationship
  • Assist our clients with the due diligence, formation, and management of teaming, strategic alliance and partnerships with the prime contractors

We have successfully represented companies from over a dozen countries including companies that traditionally have focused on the commercial market but are now pursuing US government sales.

Contact PSD Global today to begin selling to the largest buyer of goods and services in the world – the government of the USA as well as other governments. Have you thought of selling to the US Department of Defense? NATO? The European Union? The United States Department of Agriculture? Learn more by contacting us.