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How To Go Global

Taking your Company International

By Patrick S. Dine

Available in Paperback and Kindle Versions

The ultimate going global guide for any small to medium sized company looking to expand internationally. Weather the company is looking to export to one market, find distributors in new regions or open new offices, this book provides practical and easy to follow steps to success. Written by an export award winning expert who has worked with thousands of companies on their international expansions, “Going Global” is the easy to read manual for succeeding in today’s world markets.

This bestselling, up-to-date guide shows you all the necessary steps to taking your company international, including:

  • Researching the proper market entry strategy
  • How to find the right distributors/agents
  • Achieving profits in other countries, not just revenue
  • Avoid the pitfalls of new markets
  • Establishing your brand as a global leader
  • Evaluating your competition
  • Hiring staff overseas
  • And many other key topics

“No one should export without reading this book. Decades of experience crystalized in an easy to follow format ” Michaela P., Sr. VP of international in a Fortune 500 company.

“If you are even thinking about international expansion, this book is a must read that gives you a clear guide to follow” Robert S., CEO of LTI International