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Export Plan in a Box®

Success in business comes to those that grab it. Having the right export plans is a key to future strength. Any business that refuses to look beyond its windows into new markets is a business that is setting itself up to fail. In today’s modern world of the Internet, a company’s reach must become global. Companies need to go global quickly and need help in planning their international expansion.

The expense of considering export plans is often a deterrent to fully exploring this realm of possibility. Consulting companies offering export plans often require a long-term commitment. We understand the concerns and constraints of modern business and that’s why we offer our proprietary and trademarked Export Plan in a Box® . CONTACT US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION

This Export Plan in a Box® will offer your company insight into which global markets are the ideal position to move into, who would make ideal partners, who your target market will be, and much more. The full Export Plan includes:

  • Financial plan
  • Analysis of the target country or countries
  • Business strategy and portfolio analysis
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Channel versus Direct Sales strategy
  • Supply chain infrastructure analysis
  • Supply chain setup within the new country
  • Establishment of milestones
  • Pricing recommendations
  • And more

When your company is ready to seize a brighter future, and you’re concerned about expenses in the present, contact us today and find out how our Export Plan in a Box® is the perfect solution for increased revenue.

The Importance of an Export Plan

A company that wants to expand globally needs to have a firm understanding of their target market or markets. Just because products or services that the company provides sell successfully in its home country doesn’t mean that it will be equally effective elsewhere.

It’s also vital to understand one’s available resources to ensure that the export goals can be attained without costing more than expected. Exporting to China, for example, will require different expenses than exporting to Brazil, for example.

Having an export plan will also provide a powerful launching point for which to contact service providers in your target market. It highlights your company’s desires, strengths, and will show that you have well-developed and reasonable goals.

Move to the Future Today

A company that creates a global market for its products and services is one that will become stronger. While the process takes time, developing the most effective export plan is the best first step that will assist your company in acquiring the service providers, financing, and tools to make it all work. Contact us today to move your export plans from and idea to a reality.

The following graphic shows how the export plan fits into the overall exporting process: