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Paul Dine

Paul Dine
Senior Advisor, Corporate Training

Paul  has many years of experience of working in other cultures and directing transcultural  training efforts for companies.  He and his partner in Global Leadership Alliance, Inc. have built up an extensive program of executive and management training seminars, which they organized and ran for corporations in the USA and Europe.  Formerly while teaching as professor in the Executive MBA  program at a university business school,  he organized  and personally led Foreign Study Tours to twenty-three countries in Asia, Europe, South Africa and Latin America.  He is now using this wide-ranging experience to offer corporations around the world a new approach to management and executive training.  This new approach mixes traditional face-to-face training with the new e-learning possibilities by taking advantage  of the many new digital programs and software now available. To meet the specific needs of a company the new training approach also includes specially arranged and targeted Study Tours  for select groups of managers  to countries and regions of special business interest to them.

Paul studied in the U.K., where he was born, and in Rome, Italy.  Since then he has taught at 8 universities in  Italy, Germany, India and the U.S.A.  He was the presenter and language consultant  on an English language and culture course for high-school students on Bavarian Radio  in Germany and then author and on-screen presenter of Englisch im Telekolleg  which resulted in State-recognized certificates equivalent to high school completion [Part I] and qualifying the holders for entry to German universities [Part II].  He also worked with the BBC, England, on three joint-venture projects that proved highly successful around the world. Contemporaneously with much of the above, Paul also worked for Siemens AG, the large German conglomerate. In Germany he was founding director of the Siemens Department Foreign Languages and Cross-Cultural Communication, for middle, senior and top management worldwide; in the USA he headed the new Corporate Department in charge of executive education and management training as well as the newly initiated vocational training program.  Paul has lived in six countries and worked in some forty. Through his studies and work abroad, he has learned eleven languages, three ancient, two classical and six modern.

As part of this extensive work in other countries he also organized seminars and set up country-specific programs in some thirty countries.  Feel free to contact Paul at