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PSD Global Announces International Expansion of Trade Mission and Trade Show Services in 2012

PSD Global has now expanded their highly sought after market entry services and trade promotion services for 2012.

Washington, DC – Leading international consulting firm, PSD Global, has announced further international expansion of their international market entry services with the offering of additional trade mission and trade show services. Companies can now hire PSD Global to help them secure qualified meetings at 50 key industry trade shows globally, including CTIA, CeBIT, GSM Worldcongress, RETECH, BIO, and more. Senior staff will be attending these key shows in order to represent companies and secure meetings for them.

According to PSD Global CEO, Patrick Dine, the trade mission activities go far beyond simply hosting trade shows.

“We offer highly effective trade promotional activities that go beyond mere organization of trade shows. We chalk out, jointly with the client, a tailored trade promotion strategy based on the profile of host country industry and enterprises and the extent of trade that already exists between the host and target countries. Once the promotional strategy is formalized, we deploy our team of experts in executing the strategy and carrying out promotional activities,” said Dine.

PSD Global has also announced additional expansion in the markets in which the trade mission services are offered. Both companies and governments can continue to rely on PSD Global for trade mission services in markets such as the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Australia and many others.

This expansion has further solidified PSD Global’s reputation as world leaders of trade promotion services. According to Patrick Dine, PSD Global has become a “one stop shop” for the management of global trade missions in 2012.

“At PSD Global we have successfully planned and implemented trade missions for more then 10 years, and we now offer a one stop shop capability to plan and manage trade missions globally. Only PSD Global can offer such a wide array of markets and local sector experts to run the programs,” said Dine.

In 2012 PSD Global has already coordinated successful trade missions in 10 countries, and this trend is set to continue.

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About PSD Global:

PSD Global is a leading international consulting firm that since 1999 has been helping companies gain entry to international markets and accelerate their global sales. PSD Global has an excellent worldwide reputation for their expert market entry services as well as their offerings in trade promotion and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) lead generation. The company is continuously expanding its services to new companies and governments located all across the globe, including in the UK, Germany, Brazil, Turkey, Australia and more.