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PSD Global Readies Businesses for International Expansion with Corporate Cross Cultural and Management Training

Targeted Training Geared to Small to Medium Businesses Expanding Globally

WASHINGTON, DC – A solid product does not guarantee success in a global market. There are so many other factors that come into play – but the biggest factor is people. Business really is about working with other people. If a business does not educate their employees on the cultures of the people they will be working with and selling to, success will more than likely be out of reach.

The globally diverse team at PSD Global is experienced at bringing people of different cultural backgrounds together to work as a team. PSD Global has launched their Corporate Cross Cultural and Management Training program that will help businesses:

  • Manage Intercultural Diversity Already Present – Even before entering the global marketplace, a business must learn to manage the diversity that exists within the company.
  • Manage Across Borders – Business leaders will be trained in the cultural sensitivities that preempt crosstalk and misunderstandings that can escalate into conflict.
  • Use English as the Language of Global Business – This includes how to be aware of and avoid pitfalls in using English for cross-border business.
  • Intercultural Business Success – There needs to be constant effort made to refine the tools and attitudes that make success possible. Learn how to build long-term relationships based on cooperation, genuine cultural sensitivity and constant awareness of the rich dimensions that cultural diversity adds to a business.

“Business owners who are making the transition to a global business need to embrace diversity as a competitive strength,” said Patrick S. Dine, CEO of PSD Global. “Successful global businesses approach work from the various cultural viewpoints it brings. PSD Global’s Corporate Cross Cultural Management Training provides a secure foundation for lasting success in global business.”

Training is provided in variety of formats to cater to businesses including keynote seminar, presence seminar, phased distance seminar, blended seminar and study tours.

View the video “Connecting Across Cultures” and learn more about PSD Global’s Corporate Cross-Cultural Management Training.

Patrick S. Dine, CEO of PSD Global is available for interviews locally in the Washington DC metro area as well as via phone and Skype.

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